Kristīne Bērziņa

Kristīne Bērziņa – Chairperson of the Central Election Commission 

Elected as the Chair of the Central Election Commission (CEC) on 21 March 2019. K. Bērziņa has long-standing experience in holding elections. Before she was approved as the Chairperson of the Central Election Commission she had been an assistant to the Chairperson of the CEC, the head of public relations and the head of the Information Division.

Kristīne Bērziņa has been working at the Central Election Commission since 1998 and has participated in the organisation of seven Saeima elections, five municipal elections, four European Parliament elections, as well as of various referenda and collections of signatures. She has also gained international experience in election observation abroad and participating in conferences organised by international institutions on the subject of elections.

K. Bērziņa graduated from the University of Latvia and has obtained a Master of Social Sciences degree in Communication Science. K. Bērziņa is a member of the Latvian Public Relations Association (LASAP) and the Student Corporation Daugaviete.

The Chairperson considers that the main task of the Central Election Commission is to continue the process of ensuring fair, free, modern and secure elections in Latvia. As priorities of her presidency Kristīne Bērziņa  defined the development and introduction of an online voter register at polling stations, the development of modern voting solutions so that every voter could participate in elections in a convenient way, increasing of remuneration for members and employees of municipal and polling stations election commissions, the improvement of electoral security solutions, the training of members of election commissions and employees, voters information and education.