Many thanks to all those who were and are with us at the farewell from Arnis Cimdars

The Central Election Commission is grateful to all those who were and are with us in this difficult time, when we bid farewell to our long-time leader and colleague Arnis Cimdars.

We have received a lot of sympathy, good words and light memories about Arnis from close and distant colleagues, friends, as well as people who did not know Arnis personally but knew his work.

It means a lot to us, because Arnis was not only a chief and a colleague, but also our friend, a shoulder to lean on and a pillar of support, which felt for, helped and was there just when it mattered the most. Arnis was a man who did his work absorbedly, with a passion and a true interest, applying his knowledge and life experience.

And as long as we are on this side of eternity, Arnis will live in our memories and hearts. We will always remember him and the time we spent together, when we all together were making the Latvia's history of elections.


Condolence Letter from the IFES

Condolence Letter from the CEC of Kazakhstan