16 parties and party associations will take part in the elections to the European Parliament

Riga, March 21: At the end of the period for submitting of the lists of candidates there are 16 parties and party associations contesting the European Parliament elections of 25 May. Today the political party "KPV LV” and the New Harmony submitted their lists of candidates to the Central Election Commission (CEC).

A total of 246 candidates have been nominated in sixteen lists of candidates. Thirteen lists of candidates contain the largest possible number of candidates, i.e. 16 candidates, two lists contain 15 candidates and in one list 8 candidates are included. By comparison, there were 14 lists containing in total 170 candidates registered for the 2014 EP elections.

The information gathered by the CEC shows that two-thirds, or 69.5 percent of the candidates are men and 30.5 percent are women. The average age of the candidates is 48.8 years. The oldest candidate is 80 years old and the youngest is 22 years old. The majority of MEPs' candidates are between 51 and 60 – 27.6 per cent.

88.6 per cent of the candidates have higher education, while 11.4 per cent have secondary education.

A half of the deputy candidates, or 52.8 percent, have indicated Riga City as their place of residence. Five candidates have citizenship of other states. Two candidates are also citizens of the United States, one candidate has Canadian citizenship and two more candidates – Spanish and German citizenship.

All lists of candidates submitted to the EP elections, pre-election programmes and information about the candidates, as well as statistics are available on the CEC site for the EP elections https://epv2019.cvk.lv. From 20 May voters will also be able to get acquaintance with the candidate lists, pre-election programmes and information about the candidates at polling stations, too.



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