In March 12, 2005 in Latvia local elections (elections of city, district and pagasts councils) were held.

Local elections in Latvia are held every four years. The Central Election Commission of Latvia announces each local elections not later than three months before the election day and supervises them, while the elections are prepared and organized by the election commissions of cities, districts and pagasts. In local elections the administrative territory of each city, district and pagasts makes a single electoral district. Local elections are organized by the election commissions of cities, districts and pagasti and financed from the budget of the corresponding local government.

52,85 % of citizens eligible to vote took part in local elections 2005. The lowest turnout was in Jelgava city (44.36 %), whereas the highest - in Balvu district (62.05 %).

Calculation of election results were held and election results approved by election commissions of the respective city, district or pagasts.

However, election results in Rēzekne city were litigated denoting to the bribery of votes to such an extent that it might have influenced division of mandates in the Rēzekne City Council. On the basis of the judgment canceling election results in Rēzekne city, repeated elections were announced to be held on August 20, 2005.