Candidate lists for the European Parliament Elections 2019 must be submitted from the 6 March to 21 March

Candidate lists for the elections to the European Parliament in Latvia can be submitted from the eightieth to the sixty fifth day before Election Day. The submission of candidate lists for the 2019 elections will be held from the 6 March to 21 March. Candidates’ lists shall be submitted to and registered with the Central Election Commission.

Political parties and alliances of political parties registered in Latvia and consisted of at least 500 members may submit a list of candidates for the European Parliament election.

Citizens of Latvia, as well as citizens of other EU countries who are residing in Latvia have the right to stand as a candidate in elections to the European Parliament in Latvia. All candidates on Election Day must reach the age of 21 years and they should not be subject to restrictions established by the Law on Elections to the European Parliament.

Each party or alliance of political parties intending to participate in elections to the European Parliament may include up to sixteen candidates to the list of candidates – twice as many as the number of members of parliament to be elected to the European Parliament from Latvia.