Saeima elections

On Saturday, October 1, 2022, elections to the 14th Saeima took place at 1,055 polling stations in Latvia and abroad. In addition, voting at the location of the voters, the postal voting and the vote in the international operations districts were also ensured.

There were 916,594 or 59.43% of citizens eligible to vote participated in the 14th Saeima elections, of which 26,189 citizens voted abroad. 914,022 valid ballot envelopes with 903,639 valid ballot papers were used. The majority of voters voted on October 1, while 63,342, or 4.11% of voters, used the opportunity to cast their votes for depositing before Election Day.

In general, 298,568 or 52.82% of citizens eligible to vote voted in the Riga constituency, including votes from abroad. The largest voter turnout was in the Vidzeme constituency, where 262,572 voters participated in the elections, or 66.26% of all voters. In the Kurzeme constituency, 114,977 or 63.85% voted, while in Zemgale, 129,158 or 62.72% of electorate cast a vote. The lowest voter turnout was in Latgale, where 111,319 or 57.14% of citizens eligible to vote participated.

Voter turnout in the 14th Saeima elections was higher than in the elections to the 13th Saeima that took place in 2018, when 844,925 or 54.6% of voters participated, as well as higher than in the elections to the 12th Saeima, when 58.85% of voters cast a vote.

Seven parties and party associations – the New Unity (26 seats), the Greens and Farmers Union (16 seats), “The United List – the Latvian Green Party, the Latvian Association of Regions, Liepāja Party” (15 places), National Alliance "All For Latvia!"-"For Fatherland and Freedom/LNNK" (13 seats), Political Party “for Stability!” (11 seats), Latvia First (9 seats) and “Progressive” (10 seats) received at least 5 per cent of the total number of votes that needed to enter parliament

The CEC recalls that official election results will be certified within 2-3 weeks after the elections. Detailed information on the results of the elections is available at the 14th Saeima elections website of the CEC.


CEC Information Department