Local Elections

Local Elections

The procedures for local government elections and the procedures for voter registration are specified in the City Council and Municipality Council Election Law and in the Electoral Register Law.

Citizens of Latvia and other Member States of the European Union over the age of 18 have the right to participate in local government elections. All voters must be registered in the Electoral register.

Citizens of the European Union must be registered in the Latvian Population Register 90 days before the elections in order to participate in local government elections in Latvia.

Voters have the right to vote in the municipality where they have their registered residence 90 days before the election day or in the municipality where they own real estate.

If a voter wishes to vote in a municipality where he or she owns real estate, a change of a polling station may be applied for until the 18th day before the elections. At the same time any voter may also change the polling station within his/her municipality. To change the polling station the voter has to apply either in-person at any authority for residence declaration of any local government, or on the Internet, using the e-service for the change of a polling station of the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs.

By the 70th day before the elections the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs shall draw up and send to each voter by post to his or her residential address in Latvia the information regarding the polling station where the voter should vote.

Prior to each election voters can find out the information about their polling station by using the relevant e-service or by calling the hotline.

On election day, elections shall take place from 7 a.m. till 10 p.m. Three days prior the Election Day for a few hours it is possible to attend the polling stations and vote early. Voters who are unable to reach the polling station because of the health reasons may apply for the voting in their residence. This opportunity could be used in case the voter is in the territory of the respective polling station on election day.

! It IS NOT possible to vote abroad in municipal elections.

Municipal elections take place every four years during the first week of June. The next municipal elections will take place in 2021.