Citizens of Latvia, as well as citizens of other Member States of the European Union, who have reached the age of 18 on the election day, have the right to participate in the elections to the European Parliament.

In order to exercise voting rights in Latvia, citizens of other Member States of the European Union must be included in the Population Register of Latvia and register for voting in the Central Election Commission not later than 30 days before the elections.

The Electoral Register and voters' lists for polling stations shall be used for registration of voters in the EP elections. Each voter shall be included into the voter’ list of a certain polling station where the voters has to vote on the election day.

The Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs shall, not later than 70 days before the elections, send to voters to their residential address in Latvia information regarding the assigned polling station, i.e. in the voters’ list of which they have been included. Initially, voters are registered at a polling station corresponding to the declared place of residence in Latvia 75 days before the elections, but until the 18th day before the elections the polling station may be changed. The change of the polling station may be applied for electronically, using the e-service of the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs, or in person – at any municipal authority for residence declaration in Latvia or in one of Latvia's diplomatic or consular missions abroad.

Voters, who have registered residence abroad, shall be included in the common list of voters abroad. In order to participate in elections and to exercise their voting rights, these citizens must timely take a decision on the form of voting and apply either to vote by post or at one of the polling stations abroad, or at a polling station in Latvia. Voting by post may be applied for not later than 30 days before the elections, but voting at a polling station – no later than 18 days before the elections. Citizens of Latvia residing in another Member State of the European Union may choose to vote for candidates of that Member State, applying for registration to vote in the concerned Member State.

Voters in Latvia, who are not able to attend the polling station due to health reasons, can apply for voting at their place of residence (at home, hospital, social care institution) in the elections of the European Parliament. This possibility may also use the carers of these voters or carers of sick persons. Voting at the voter’s place of residence must be applied for in writing, submitting the application by 12.00 of the election day.

Persons in detention and short-term detention facilities has the possibility to participate in the election, submitting the respective application to the administration of the detention facility in advance. Voting in detention facilities and short-term detention facilities shall take place on early voting days.

On the election day, polling stations in Latvia and abroad are open from 7:00 to 20:00. On the election day, voters may vote only at the polling station in which the voter is registered. Voter have the possibility to vote early three days before the election day a few hours a day at Latvia's polling stations.

Elections to the European Parliament take place every five years on the fourth Saturday of May. The next European Parliament elections are to be held in 2024. In these elections, Latvia is a single constituency from which eight Members should be elected to the European Parliament.