The Electoral Register is used for voter registration at the elections to the European Parliament. Each voter is included in the voter list of a certain polling station where this voter may vote on the election day.

The voter lists for polling stations are established by the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs in cooperation with local governments. Initially voters are included in the voter list of the polling station corresponding to the voter's registered residence.

It will be possible to get to know where a voter is registered for the EP elections from 16 March 2019, when the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs will send information to voters about the polling station to their declared address of residence in Latvia.

Voters will be able to find out their polling station on the Internet from 16 March 2019 too, either using the e-service of the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs or by calling the hotline of the Central Election Commission.

Change of the polling station

If the initially allocated polling station is difficult to reach on the polling day, from 16 March to 7 May 2019 voters may change it to any other polling station in Latvia or abroad.

Voters can apply for registration to vote at another polling station in two ways:

  1. online by using the e-service for change of the polling station;
  2. in person by applying for the change of the polling station at an office responsible for declaration of the place of residence of any local government.